Celebrities are human too….

Poor SRK! He cannot even get angry with somebody for being rude to his kids! How many times have we yelled at officials for pushing us around? We don’t get banned from entering the place. But when it’s SRK, he has to tolerate it, and smile!! SRK has always come across as a family man, and his reaction is normal. People tend to get a thrill hurling nasty comments at celebrities, and sometimes they will react… Let’s not be so tough on SRK…. he’s human too, and a wonderful person. It’s an ego issue now…. politicians v/s filmstars.

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Thane girl tops ICSE :)

Yippee! Shalaka Kulkarni from JK Singania School, Thane, tops the country in ICSE! And without the help of “tuitions” or coaching classes – the bane of Indian education. I hope all parents in Mumbai read this, and stop sending their kids to coaching classes. Let them enjoy their childhood and teens….. Shalaka says 2 hours of study everyday, was all she did. And her focus was on studying well, not how long she studied. Attagirl! Way to go! Wishing you a brilliant future!

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<a href="Accurate personality test ” title=”The Accurate Personality Test”>The Accurate Personality Test


<a href=”http://www.wordofmouthexperiment.com/dedpyhto/Personality-test.htm”>Accurate personality test</a>

Take this Test! It’s Amazing! It actually said “Oppositeness + dependence on feelings + need of change”

Can you believe that???? How True! Just what I said about myself in my Hello World post!


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Gender change! …

Gender change! Mumbai’s papers have been having a rollicking time tearing to pieces a young lad (who wants to change his sex) and his dad who cannot accept the fact that his son wants to become a girl! Dragged into this mess, is the poor doctor, who today decided to talk to Mumbai Mirror…. What a nice, sensitive way of handling the situation. Dr Kalpesh Gajiwala puts across the problem of Gender Identity Disorder or GID, also reffered to as transsexualism or transgenderism beautifully. Explains he, “Why does it happen? Mother Nature prepares a blueprint for everything she makes, and keeps it in “seed” form, which  when activated creates a perfect human being, animal or plant.The development into the perfect creature, involves complex chain reactions where many processes happen sequentially or simultaneously. At any moment if these processes are disturbed, an anomaly occurs and results in a baby with a hole in the heart, or a cleft lip or extra fingers, deafness, blindness, autism, dyslexia or even a transgender.While an extra thumb or a cleft lip is shocking to the parents, they come to be accepted and treatment is sought. However, it is not so easy to understand an autistic, or a severely dyslexic child, or a transgender with no apparent physical deformity. In most people, there is complete harmony between the perceived gender and the assigned sex. In transgender persons there is discord, giving rise to conflict, first, within the person affected, then with the parents, siblings, and close relatives.For the parents it is a total shock and causes much confusion, They go into denial, then get angry, frustrated and refuse to accept it.Rather than demonise the parents, we need to sympathize with their predicament which is also associated with a social stigma. Both the child and the parents are helpless victims of circumstances beyond their control.Such a situation calls for a great deal of maturity from the transgender and the family. For the transgender , the acceptance and support of their innermost circle is primary. They crave respect, dignity and space to be what that want to be.”

Very complicated situation, and sad isn’t it. When it is so scientifically explained, it is easy to understand and emphathise, but can these people lead normal lives, even after the “sex change”? There will always be people who snigger and ridicule them. And as Dr Gajiwala, sums it up ” A true success is not when a transgender is paraded as a trophy, but when the social integration is seamless, like a fish, released back into the ocean, indistinguishable from the other fish, with no traces of its re-entry.”

Am sure, this will happen one day…. what do you think?


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Hello World!!!!

My first blog!!! What am I going to share here?

Well, Think Aloud, of course! Am ready for a change of career, once more! Just yesterday, a friend, like many other well wishers said, Why?? Why, Chitra, Why are you doing this? You’ve got such a wonderful set up here….. successful business, a good name, reputation, fan following, admirers, wonderful friends – parents and kids…..

Well, that’s me! Change fascinates me! And as my good friend and wonderful trainer Kichu pointed out to me- I am like the Trilogy – Brahma, Vishnu, Shiva. Creating, Sustaining and Destroying.… All the time!!! I just LOVE the Creating stage….. the adrenaline rush, the excitement, the sleepless nights, are all so wonderful! The sustaining stage is good too – creating a rapport, being successful, making friends, getting in the business -it’s nice. Then the Change bug bites me, and I become Shiva. This Stage is also very exciting, because during this stage are born  TWO New Creations.…. one for myself, and the other, handing over my venture to someone else.

I’m really looking forward to an exciting, New life….. A New Career! There are zillions of ideas brimming in my head! There’s so much I can do! Life is exciting!!!!  More about this, later!!!! Cheers!!!

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